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Translation of Legal Texts

For legal translations, accuracy is very important. An incorrect translation in an official contract may have far-reaching consequences. It is also important that your translation is performed quickly and immediately serves its intended purpose, so you do not have to waste any time on language issues. more information


Translation of Business documents

In a trilingual country like Belgium, many companies are communicating in multiple languages. In our globalized world, an increasing number of companies is expanding beyond their national borders. Language should not be a barrier for this expansion. more information


Translation of HR Documents

In many companies, HR has become multilingual business. Internal notifications, payroll, time registration, documents for the social-accounting secretariat, function descriptions, workplace specification sheets, training sessions, development paths and policies are often drawn up in several languages to ensure clear communication with non-native employees. more information


Translation of IT Documents

IT is a crucial component of modern companies. Many IT documents are written in English, but it is often important to translate them into the local language for good understanding by the end user. more information


Translation of Annual reports

Your annual report is your company’s business card. It is important that it leaves your (potential) customers, investors, business partners, etc. with a good impression of your company. The annual report is often drawn up in different languages to reach a wider audience. more information


Translation of Public Tenders

In an international environment, many companies are involved in public/restricted tenders in different languages. It is important to gain a good understanding of calls for tenders to meet the award criteria and selection criteria. more information


Translation of Contracts

Accuracy and clarity are very important in the translation of contracts and agreements. more information