Official documents sometimes require more than regular translation.

Certified or sworn translations are the work of professional human translators who have taken an oath before the court. These certified translators sign and apply their stamp to the translation, the so-called "certification". They also include a declaration of certification to officialize the translation. If necessary, the translation can then be submitted to the Ministry of Justice (SPF Justice) for a "legalization".

Certified translations are often mandatory for the official documents of a company, such as the articles of association or deeds of incorporation, prospectuses or notarial deeds. 

Private individuals often need this service for marriage certificates, residence certificates, birth certificates, etc.

Transolution entrusts both the translation and review of your sworn translation to a team of in-house certified professionals. We then apply our strict quality control measures to the sworn translation.

We take care of the entire process, including the legalization by the Ministry of Justice in Brussels if your documents are intended for use outside of Belgium. Upon request, we can also obtain the right stamps or apostilles for you from the relevant Ministries, Consulates or Embassies in Brussels.

Do you have an official document that requires a certified or sworn translation? Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information about our certified translation services or request your free quote below.

On working days, you will receive your quote within one hour!


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I had a set of official documents from the UK to be translated urgently for the town hall in Belgium. They required a certified translation into Dutch legalized by the court. Transolution completed the task in under 3 days, which was just what I needed!


British citizen living in Belgium

We wanted to get married in Belgium and the official at the city hall required certified translations of our birth certificates and other official documents. We sent our files to Transolution and they were ready for pickup 2 days later. Great service!

Anna & Steve

Couple from the US

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