Translation of legal texts and official documents

For legal translations, accuracy is very important. An incorrect translation in an official contract may have far-reaching consequences. It is also important that your translation is performed quickly and immediately serves its intended purpose, so you do not have to waste any time on language issues.

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Certified translations for companies and private individuals

Documents you are submitting to official institutions sometimes require more than regular translation.

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Creative marketing translations for external communication

Transolution specializes in translating and (re)writing your marketing texts. We can adapt existing texts to maximize their impact, and ensure they have the same effect in other languages.

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Transolution is a reliable translation agency that has been doing legal and marketing translations for over 10 years.

Our company translates from and into all European languages, but you can also contact us for Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian or Indian languages. We also specialize in certified and sworn translations.

Our approach

Product Name

Thanks to our highly specialized translation offering, you can count on our 4 commitments for your translations

Translation, review and quality assurance by experienced native speakers

A full free quote within one working day (often even within one hour!)

Our quality gurantee for each of your translations

Full confidentiality of all documents you send for translation

What Our Clients Say

I had a set of official documents from the UK to be translated urgently for the town hall in Belgium. They required a certified translation into Dutch legalized by the court. Transolution completed the task in under 3 days, which was just what I needed!

British citizen living in Belgium

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Transolution helps us to draw up our quotations in other languages. This allows us to serve customers in other parts of the country and abroad, something they really appreciate!

Project Manager at an IT Company

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