The pharmaceutical sector is an international business in which everything needs to happen fast, but also in compliance with a wide range of rules and requirements. This is also true for pharmaceutical translations.

Transolution's specialized pharmaceutical translators are familiar with the complex procedures for the development, production and distribution of pharmaceuticals. They are well versed in the intricacies of clinical trials, templates for package inserts and summaries of product characteristics and perfectly know how to formulate communication with healthcare centres, laboratories and healthcare providers correctly. This allows us to support pharmaceutical companies as an expert provider of the following documents:

• documentation for authorizations
• Patient information leaflets (PIL's)
• import and export documentation
• protocols/documentation the context of clinical trials
• summaries of product characteristics (SPCs)
• case reports

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Transolution delivers creative marketing translations to our company, tailored to the needs of our local customers. All of our translated campaigns have been a success, also thanks to their assistance.


Project Manager at a Pharmaceutical company

We wanted to open a bank account for our company in Dubai and needed to have a lot of official documents translated and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE embassy in Brussels. Transolution took care of everything for us in Brussels, and we were able to submit all documents before the deadline.


Operations Manager at an engineering company

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Transolution's specialized pharmaceutical translators are familiar with the complex procedures for the development, production and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

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